• Rib & Fry, served on a plate, side top view
  • Swinery Burger on a plate
  • Double B, served on a plate


Our Story

We are a local Mom and Pop meat shop, and we happen to have an award winning burger on our menu.

A lot of love goes into every bite we make. We do not use any preservatives or nitrates.
We will exclude sugar, gluten, garlic...wherever we can in order to feed everyone, inclusively. Which is one of the reasons we use rendered pork fat for our fryers, aside from the delicious effect it has.
Our shop may be described as quaint and eclectic, but it is the perfect reflection of our love for feeding others, from butchering meats sourced from the highest quality of farms, to serving you from our grill, to our cold case with take home meals, to our home made sausages and wide variety of house made charcuterie, all nitrate free.
Our recipes and passions are a result of who we are; two people who love to cook and love to eat. Our passion is always growing - though originally influenced from our mothers and grandmothers and families, we love to hear from our friends and feedback from customers like you. We are always learning and eager to hear and create something especially for you.

Much love -

Kim and Danny